Conference topics

1. Innovations in tourism

  • Development of cruising tourism
  • Innovations in nautical and maritime tourism
  • Sustainable coastal and maritime tourism as generator of economy development
  • New models of financing tourism sector
  • New technological trends in maritime tourism
  • New consumers – new providers

2. Sustainable tourism

  • Management of protected coastal and maritime areas
  • Development of strategies in management of tourists in protected areas
  • Influence of tourism on biological diversity
  • Influence of climate changes on tourism in the Mediterranean
  • Influence of maritime traffic and ports of nautical tourism on biological diversity of sea and coastal ecosystems
  • Gastronomy and sustainable tourism

3. Legal and business environment in tourism

  • Public administration and tourism development
  • Management of maritime domain
  • New regulations on concessions
  • Legal framework for development of special models in tourism
  • Legal protection of traditional crafts and products – Croatian coast and islands

4. Traffic and logistics in tourism

  • Role of logistics in tourism
  • Maritime traffic of coastal liners
  • Traffic services in coastal and maritime tourism
  • Traffic models and tourism
  • Contemporary traffic systems and sustainable coastal tourism
  • Impact of port infrastructure on development of coastal towns