Registration fee

Registration per paper is:

  • Registration per paper for authors from Croatia:
    • 750,00 kn (seven hundred and fifty kuna) – registration until 10.07.2017.
    • 1000,00 kn (one thousand kuna) – registration after 10.07.2017.
  • Registration per paper for international authors (costs of foreign bank shall be borne by the principal):
    • 100,00€ (one hundred euros) – registration until 10.07.2017.
    • 130,00€ (one hundred and thirty euros) – registration before 10.07.2017.

Kotizacija se uplaćuje na račun Veleučilišta u Šibeniku:

  • Veleučilište u Šibeniku, Trg Andrije Hebranga, 22000 Šibenik
  • IBAN: HR58 24070001100162339
  • Model i poziv na broj: HR00 333
  • Opis plaćanja: kotizacija

Upute za plaćanje kotizacije za sudionike iz inozemstva:

  • User: Polytechnic of Šibenik, Trg Andrije Hebranga 11, 22000 Šibenik, Croatia
  • Bank: OTP Bank Croatia d.d. Zadar, Domovinskog rata 3, Zadar
  • IBAN CODE: HR5824070001100162339
  • Description of payment: registration fee

Evidence of payment must be submitted to e-mail address: or fax : +385 (0)22 216 716. The fee includes the right to:

  • participate at the Conference
  • electronic Book of Proceedings with papers
  • working materials
  • refreshments during breaks
  • lunch
  • welcome drink
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